Guinevere Johnson

Founder and Professional Fiduciary

from the constraints of the traditional methods and change the way she did business with her clients. This process started with the creation of subsidiary companies which could effectively address her clients greatest transitions in their lives. True Wealth Strategies Co.; A Registered Investment Advisory Firm, a fee based company, was created to help her clients with effective and proven strategies for wealth accumulation, and True Wealth Homes llc; a Real Estate Solutions Company was established to help her clients with the complexities of owning real estate. And finally offering, Professional Fiduciary Services through Estate Administration allowed for helping her clients through the challenges of aging and transfering of True Wealth. 

It was this vision of a tri-fecta of Professional Services, where highly qualified, independent, and client-centered Professionals could converged to address her clients unique needs. By 2007 True Wealth Advisory Group was offering the ultimate client experience and providing the greatest benefit and peace of mind they could imagine.

True Wealth Advisory Group, the parent company, is dedicated to providing professional guidance to clients on the optimization, protection and empowerment of their True Wealth. We implemented a comprehensive process that includes a focus on all transitions in life, and encompasses all of a persons assets – financial, human, intellectual and civic. This unique approach was the answer her clients were seeking. By combining Investment, Estate Administratoin, and Real Estate services she was able to address her clients various transition concerns in combination with a unique, and meaningful “True Wealth” experience.

As an independent Professional Fiduciary, Guinevere is licensed and Registered both by State and Federal agencies as an Investment Advisor, a National Certified Guardian, and a Life Insurance Agent. She has studied Business Administration at Eastern Oregon University, and studied at Central Oregon Community College achieving degrees in Business, Human Physiology & Health, and Arts & Humanities. She is a Certified Missed Fortune Advisor, Quadrant Living Architect, Matson Money Financial Coach, Real Estate Investor, and a retired Officer Candidate with the Oregon Army National Guard.

Having lived in numerous countries outside the United States as the child of a Service Member, Guinevere ultimately settled on a ranch in Central Oregon in 1990 where she still lives with her Husband Karl, their Border Collies Jake and Bea, and is able to pursue a longtime passion and family tradition of raising Japanese Elk and restoring 50’s and 60’s era cars and boats.


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Guinevere Johnson
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